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3 Tips For Healthy Winter Skin

3 TIPS FOR HEALTHY WINTER SKIN – DRY SKIN IN WINTER Why does our skin get dry in the winter? Dry skin is caused by a lowered humidity during the winter months. Indoor heating also lowers humidity, sucking moisture from the skin. Over-exposure to hot water along  with detergent-based soaps can contribute to dryness as well. 60-70% of [...]

Best Beauty Tips for your face and Skin care

Know your skin type Laser Praxis Products:  Skin care Products Normal Skin Skin is generally clean and smooth use a mild cleanser and light moisturizer. Oily Skin Skin is greasy or shiny, avoid greasy products. Dry Skin Skin often feels tight and is flaky, use a heavier 24-hour moisturizer. Skin Combination Skin is dry in some [...]

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Hair Transplant Method

FUT(FOLLICULAR UNIT TRANSPLANTATION) HAIR TRANSPLANT METHOD GROWTH OF TRANSPLANTATION HAIR WITH TIME 3 Months 10% 4-5 Months 30% 6-7 Months 50% 8-9 Months 80% 10-12 Months 100% A PROCESS OF HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERY Duration: 4-5 Hours Strip Cutting Stitches Pain Usually Tolerable / Bearable Scars may be Seen Rest 24-48-72 Hours Next day Shampoo Next Day Office

Body Contouring Surgery in Lahore

These are procedures to reshape the body figure and restore the self-confidence. Liposuction Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction ca offer both men and women great improvement in body shape. With ultrasonic liposuction, we can remove more fat in one session as compared to the traditional technique Also Read: Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Lahore Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) in this procedure, the [...]

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