What is the Kybella Procedure?

The Kybella procedure is a non-surgical fat removing procedure. It is carried out by injecting deoxycholic acid into the chin. Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid produced by our body to absorb fat. In this procedure, a synthetic form of this acid is injected which destroys fat cells in the treated area. This means that they are no longer able to absorb fat.

What to expect during the procedure?

Once you have been examined by your doctor, they will map out a treat plan for you. One consultation should be enough for them to get all the information they need. On the day of the procedure, they will mark the spots on your chin that need to be targeted. A numbing cream might also be applied to make the process more comfortable. Then 20 to 50 injections will be administered to the marked areas.

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The only pain that you can expect from the treatment is that from the prick of the needle of the injection. Even that can be reduced with the help of a numbing cream. After the procedure you might feel some mild soreness but that should not last longer than a day.

The only side effects that you potentially face from this treatment are soreness and mild bruising. These, however, only last for the duration of the recovery period which is not very long. You should have fully recovered within 2 weeks of the treatment.

You are requested to visit our clinic to find out the treatment cost. The reason for this is that our doctors need to see how much work needs to be done to be able to tell you how much it will cost.

It depends on how much fat we are getting rid of. Usually 2 – 3 sessions are good enough. However, some cases require up to 6 treatments for the best results.

Treatment at a Glance

Session Time

20 Minutes

Hospital Stay


Recovery Time

2 Weeks



Final Result

2 Weeks

Follow Up

1 Week

What is the recovery process like?

Recovery after Kybella is fairly simple. There are no lasting side effects involved. In most cases the patient experiences some swelling and soreness after the procedure. You might also experience some mild bruising. All of these will fade in less than 2 weeks. The soreness will most likely be gone within 24 hours. You will be instructed about the aftercare by your doctor.

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Treatment Cost

Depending on how much work needs to be done, the cost of the treatment will vary. It is not possible to give a quote without a consultation.

The cost for one session starts at $1200. However, this price is subject to changes depending on the amount of work. You are requested to please pay us a visit to get an exact figure and to discuss your case.

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    Expected Results

    The deactivated fat cells will then be metabolized by your body over the course of few weeks. This means that the final results of one session may take up to 2 weeks to show. Don’t worry if you don’t see a drastic change right after the treatment. Once the fat cells have been metabolized, the results are permanent because they can no longer store fat.

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