How do fillers work?

Fillers work by relaxing the muscles under wrinkled areas and filling up any hollows. In fact, they work the exact opposite way of Botox even though both are used to treat visual signs of ageing. There are different kinds of fillers available that are all suited for different results such as wrinkle treatment, plumping and volumizing.

Who is this treatment for?

You can benefit from fillers if you are looking to achieve one of the following results:

Fuller Lips

Chin lift

Jawline lift

Cheeks lift

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The injecting part is fairly quick and simple. The fillers, however, will take up to 30 minutes to settle down.

Results from a filler treatment can last anywhere between 4 months to a year. They respond differently for different people.

The only pain you can expect to feel from this treatment is that of the needle when the injection is administered. Other than that the process is completely painless and comfortable.

It depends on how much work you are getting done and which area is being treated. You are requested to please visit our establishment to find out what your treatment will cost.

Treatment at a Glance

Session Time

30 Minutes

Hospital Stay


Recovery Time

1 Day



Final Result

1 Hour

Follow Up

4 Months – 1 Year

What can be expected during recovery?

Recovery after getting filler injections is fairly quick and straight forward. You might experience some swelling and redness or a lumpy feeling in the area where you received the injection. These aftereffects should, however, fade within the next 24 hours. You can use ice packs or gentle massage to help the swelling along.

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Treatment Cost

The cost of the treatment depends on the amount of work that is being done and the type of fillers being used.

Our prices start at $600 but they vary from patient to patient as the requirements vary. You are requested to please come in for a consultation so we can discuss your requirements and inform you about the treatment costs.

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    Expected results:

    The results you can expect from this treatment include getting fuller, plumper, and younger looking skin. With proper skincare after the procedure the results can be prolonged as well. They can last for over a year with the right aftercare.

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