How does it work?

For pain management the procedure most commonly used is called cold laser therapy. Cold laser therapy makes use of low level laser to treat inflammation, joint pain, and tissue repair. The concerned area is treated with exposure to laser that is not intense enough to heat up the body but which stimulates healing.

Who can get this procedure?

You can look into this treatment if you suffer from any of the following conditions:

Knee pain

Ligament sprains

Muscle strains

Lower back pain


While these are the most common conditions this treatment is used for, its effects are not limited to just these. You can consult us for other problems too.

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No, you will not feel any pain during the procedure. You will most likely feel a tingling sensation when the laser comes in contact with skin but the procedure is not painful.

No, there are no side effects of this therapy. This treatment relies completely on what can be achieved by low level laser. It does not involve any medication. Therefore, there are no side effects.

It depends on what condition you are dealing with and how intense the pain is. You might need anywhere between 5 and 15 sessions to eliminate the pain.

Yes, it has been proven to work great for pain due to muscle spasm. You can discuss your case further with a consultant to get better insight.

Treatment at a Glance



Hospital Stay


Recovery Time




Final Result

5-10 sessions

Follow Up


What does recovery look like?

Since this is a completely noninvasive procedure, there is no recovery time as such. Usually there is no medication prescribed after this procedure either. This means that the patient can return to their regular routine right after. No medication also means that there are no side effects. The laser used in the process is also not intense enough to cause prolonged discomfort.

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Treatment Cost

This procedure is used to treat multiple kinds of pains and aches. The cost for each of those services varies.

You are requested to please visit our establishment, discuss your condition and get an exact quote for your treatment. We will be glad to answer any questions you have.

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    Get relief from acute and chronic pain

    This treatment has been used to cure acute pain due to an injury, as well as chronic pain. In both situations, the results have been incredible. While it may take a few sessions to find relief, it is possible with low laser therapy.

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