What is the OxyGeneo Facial?

The OxyGeneo Facial is made up of three main steps. These steps are exfoliation, infusion of nutrients, and oxygenation. This three step procedure ensures that your skin receives a thorough boost and is left revitalized and feeling better than ever. This treatment cleanses the skin and stimulates collagen production and skin metabolism.

What can be achieved through this procedure?

This facial is a good antidote for problems such as congested and enlarged pores, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and acne. Some of the most common results that are achieved from this treatment are:

Skin volume

Youthful looking, plumper skin

Clean and shrunken pores


Reduction in pigmentation

Even skin tone

Smooth, texture-less skin

It depends on the condition of your skin and the results you are hoping for. For prolonged results follow ups are advised after every few weeks.

The procedure is not painful. You will feel a tingling sensation during the exfoliation step. However, this will subside shortly after the first step without a trace.

You will have the best skin for up to 10 days after the facial. After that, your skin will most likely start to go back to its prior state as the effect wears off. Making OxyGeneo Facial a part of your monthly skincare routine is the best option for you.

No, there is no recovery period. There is no bruising or swelling from the treatment so you can go back to your daily routine right after.

Treatment at a Glance

Procedure Time

30 Minutes

Side Effects


Recovery Period




Final Result

6 - 12 Months

Follow Up


What to expect during the procedure?

The procedure is a quick one and will be completed in half an hour.

The first step is exfoliation and for that the aesthetician will apply a gel to your skin and buff it out with a hand held device. It is not a vacuum and so there is no sucking involved. You might experience a tingling sensation during this part.

The second step is infusion of the nutrients. The hand held device is used again but with a massage tip for absorption of the nutrient rich gel into the skin.

The third step comprises of massaging the remaining gel by hand.

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Treatment Cost

The cost of the treatment may vary from one individual to the other depending on how much exfoliation and work needs to be done.

The cost of this facial starts at $150 however, the amount you are charged may vary. Therefore, you are advised to visit us once before the procedure for a consultation and to discuss cost.

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    No Side Effects!

    There are no side effects of this treatment. Unlike regular procedures, in the OxyGeneo Facial oxygenation takes place from within. Instead of forcing oxygen into your skin the gel applied to the face and the tip of the hand piece to create CO2 which encourages oxygen rich blood to rise to the surface. Therefore, there are no side effects of this treatment.

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