How does scalp health affect hair?

Did you know that scalp condition can affect the quality and life of a hair follicle even before it grows out? Dermatological conditions such as dandruff and psoriasis can lead to reduced hair life causing hair to prematurely fall out. In such situations then treatment of both the scalp and hair is what brings about a lasting solution to hair loss.

This is what we can achieve for you with our hair and scalp treatment!

What does hair and scalp care involve?

The hair and scalp treatment involves a thorough and close checkup of the scalp and hair follicle condition. Then detoxifying and cleaning treatments are employed to clean and nourish the scalp and improve hair follicle health.

Our goal is to make sure that we cover all bases that affect hair and scalp health. These treatments allow us to offer lasting healthy results to our clients and boost their confidence.

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Yes, hair and scalp treatments are non-surgical.

One sitting can take up to an hour. Depending on scalp and hair condition you will be advised about how many sessions will bring the best results.

It can be if your case requires it. It is not always needed.

Results vary for each individual as some people’s skin is naturally drier than others. Same goes for hair structure. Generally, however, you can expect a healthy looking scalp for a couple of months.

Treatment at a Glance

Session Duration

1 hour



No. of Sessions


Scalp condition after




Follow Up

Monthly, until treatment lasts

What to expect from a session?

Our hair and scalp service involves the following:

Checking scalp condition

Checking level of buildup

Checking dryness level

Checking hair follicle condition

Detoxifying treatment

Thorough cleaning and exfoliation

Use of nourishing masks

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Treatment Cost

Depending on the amount of work required the cost will vary.

The complete cost depends on the number of sessions that are conducted, and the nature of the treatment. You can give us a call to discuss packages and get an estimate.

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Surgery cost From...

$4500+ 1 - 4 sites

Immediate difference in hair and scalp health

Our hair and scalp treatments offer immediate results. Right after your first wash you will be able to feel the rejuvenation in your scalp and the bounce in your hair.

We believe in results, which is why we will be happy to show you the before and after of your hair and scalp health. Give this treatment a chance and see the results yourself!

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