How does it work?

Laser treatment for age spot removal works by destroying the melanin producing cells. This treatment does not affect the surrounding healthy tissue. Over time (a few weeks up to a few months) the spots will fade as more collagen is produced by the skin due to the stimulation from the laser treatment. There are no side effects of this treatment.

What causes age spots?

Age spots are caused by a number of factors. A lot of times it is excessive exposure to the sun that will lead to dark spots on the face, neck, or arms. Sunlight basically stimulates extra melanin production. It is the presence of heavy amounts of melanin that appears as pigmentation on the skin.

The production of melanin is our body’s defense against the UV rays of the sun. After the laser treatment too you should take care to protect yourself against direct sunlight.

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No, laser treatments are not painful. You might feel slight stinging but it is bearable for most individuals. However, should you still prefer the area to be numbed, we can do that for you.

Usually after the treatment patients experience mild swelling or redness. There is rarely ever bruising. If there is bruising, it should heal itself within 20 days. You should, however, discuss with your doctor beforehand if your skin is more susceptible to cold sores or bruising.

It may take several weeks for the final results to surface. This is because the treatment makes use of the skin’s natural processes to get rid of the pigmentation. That can take some time.

No, there are no side effects. The only thing that might happen in very rare cases is a slight lightening of the treated skin. Since there is no medication involved, there is no risk of side effects as such.

Treatment at a Glance

Surgical Time

30 Minutes

Hospital Stay


Recovery Time

2 Weeks



Final Result

6 – 9 Months

Follow Up

1 Month

What can be expected from the recovery period?

After the treatment, you might experience some swelling or redness. It also might appear that the area is getting more pigmented, this is part of the healing process and the pigment will slough off shortly after. You will be asked to clean the treated area after 24 hours of the treatment and then 4 to 5 times a day for a certain period of time. If you feel a burning sensation you will also be given some kind of ointment to apply to soothe the skin.

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Treatment Cost

Depending on how big the affected area is and how much work needs to be done, the treatment cost varies.

Our treatment cost starts at $100. However, your treatment plan and the charges will depend on your skin condition. Please visit us to get an exact quote and to meet with our experts.

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    How should the treated area be maintained?

    To maintain your final results, avoid exposing your skin directly to UV rays from the sun. Apply sunblock generously when going out. It is also advised to not use oily make up on the treated area for up to 3 months of the treatment. And finally, you should make sure to keep the treated area moisturized.

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