What is a Carbon Facial?

A non-invasive facial treatment, also sometimes referred to as charcoal facial or charcoal peel, it is a treatment for black heads, dead skin, and clogged pores. It clears up the skin and deep cleans it giving your face a fresh glow.

What to expect during treatment?

This procedure consists of the following steps:

Liquid carbon is applied to the skin.

It is left to balance with the skin temperature for about half an hour.

The liquid carbon is subjected to laser beams.

It is a completely non-invasive procedure and leaves the skin exfoliated, purified and clear.

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No, there is no pain during treatment. You may feel a tingling or mild stinging sensation from the laser but that discomfort can be controlled with numbing agents.

While one treatment does produce noticeable results, we recommend you get at least three in three months and then one for maintenance every six months for the best and sustained results.

Yes, the Carbon Facial is great for oily skin because it shrinks sebaceous glands and pores minimizing sebum production. It also reduces acne causing bacteria.

There is no recovery period with this treatment. It sometimes, however, happens that skin flakes a little or there is some redness after the treatment. Should you experience one of these after effects they will resolve themselves within a few days and they will not be bad enough for you to have to change your daily routine.

Treatment at a Glance

Session Time

1 Hour1 - 3 Hours

Hospital Stay



1 Day





Follow Up


How does the treatment work?

The mechanism behind the treatment is as follows:

When the carbon liquid is applied to the skin, it begins to dry as it reaches the skin temperature.

While drying, it attaches itself to the dirt and bacteria on the skin.

When this layer of carbon is then exposed to the laser beam, two effects are produced. A. the upper layer of carbon is vaporized along with the dirt and dead skin cells, and B. the peel that has sunk deep into the pores absorbs heat from the laser to stimulate collagen and skin cells.

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Treatment Cost

The cost of the treatment will depend on how much work needs to be done and what the treatment plan for your skin is.

Our prices start at $100 but the price you are charged might vary. This is why you are requested to please come in for a consultation so our experts can take a look at your skin and provide an accurate quote.

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    What results should I expect?

    You can expect the following:

    Faded blemishes

    Faded acne scarring

    Reduced wrinkles and fine lines

    Smoother skin texture

    Fresher and younger looking skin

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