How does laser Eyelift work?

Also known as laser Blepharoplasty, this procedure is used to treat any deformities, sagging, or wrinkles around the eyes. Any incisions that take place happen through laser and there are no knives or blades involved in any part of the process.

What can be achieved with Laser Eyelift?

Laser Eyelift can be used to fix any issues in the upper or lower lid or anywhere in the periorbital area, i.e. area surrounding the eye. It can fix drooping eyelids, any fatty deposits around the eye, excess skin or muscle, or any other part that the patient needs fixed for cosmetic reasons. The lower eyelid is often also treated for puffiness and dark circles.

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There will be no need to repeat a lower eyelid surgery in most cases. Some people do like to get the upper eyelid done after 5 to 7 years. The results are quite long lasting. Usually one treatment suffices.

Yes, laser eyelift does retain the eye’s natural look. Aging also goes on as usual so any wrinkles that would’ve been added to the periorbital area had you not had the surgery will still show up. This is the reason why sometimes people like to have the procedure done again. Those who prefer a natural look do not.

Usually non-smokers over the age of 35 are deemed suitable candidates for the surgery. We also make sure to check for any illnesses that may complicate the healing process. Please pay us a visit so we can check to see if you will make a good candidate for this procedure.

The cost of the procedure varies based on how much work you are having done. We will need to talk to you about your requirements first to be able to give you an exact quote.

Treatment At a Glance

Surgical Time

1 Hours

Hospital Stay


Recovery Time

2 Weeks





Follow Up

1 Day, 1 Week

What does aftercare look like?

For aftercare, you should have these things in mind:

Get someone to drive you back after the surgery.

During the recovery period of 2 weeks, you should not perform any strenuous tasks or activities.

Some people experience dry eyes after surgery. Your doctor can prescribe you drops to help with that. This will not last for more than 2 weeks.

Recovery from this surgery does not take longer than a month in most cases and the most common duration is around 2 weeks.

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Treatment Cost

Since this procedure can be performed for a number of eye conditions a consultation is necessary to be able to say how much your procedure will cost.

Please pay us a visit and meet with a surgeon to discuss your case and get a quote. You can also find out if you are a suitable candidate for this surgery or not.

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    How is laser blepharoplasty more efficient than traditional blepharoplasty?

    Laser blepharoplasty is more efficient and safe compared to traditional blepharoplasty for a number of reasons.

    With laser treatment there is minimum bleeding

    Recovery is faster

    There is less scarring

    Less discomfort/pain during and after the surgery

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