What is Rhytidectomy?

Rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure to reduce visible signs of aging such as drooping skin, jowls in the cheeks and jaw, and deep fold lines etc. This surgery helps returns life and youthfulness to the face.

What is Platysmaplasty?

This is a surgical procedure to treat wrinkles, sagging skin, or unwanted fat in the neck area to offer a more toned and youthful look. With this surgery you can achieve a more defined jawline and tighter skin around the neck.

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Usually one surgery is enough to get the desired results. If your requirements aren’t too drastic then chances are that one surgery will be enough. However, in some cases you may need more than one surgery. You will need to come in for a consultation for us to be able to answer with certainty.

It might take up to 3 months for face or neck to recover completely and lose all signs of the surgery. However, the operated area does become presentable in about 2 weeks.

Yes, there will be sutures. Since incisions are made in this procedure, they will have to be sutured. Any marks left over from the sutures will fade over time.

The cost of the procedure depends entirely on how much work you’re having done and what your expected results are. We can’t say how much it will cost with a consultation with the patient.

Treatment at a Glance

Surgical Time

1 Hour

Hospital Stay



2 Months




2 Weeks

Follow Up

1 Week, 3 Weeks

What to expect during recovery?

After the procedure, your face will be bandaged. There might also be some small tubes to drain out any excess fluid and blood. Any discomfort you feel will subside in about two days. There will be swelling and bruising which too will fade away completely during the recovery period. You will be advised appropriately about medication and aftercare.

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Treatment Cost

The treatment cost greatly depends on the amount of work being done. You are requested to visit us for a consultation.

It is not possible for us to say how much a procedure will cost without discussing the case and coming to an agreement about what needs to be done.

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    Expected Results

    The results of a face and neck lift include:

    Tighter skin

    Reduced wrinkles

    Defined jaw

    A youthful look

    These results may last up to 10 years but they are not permanent. This procedure does not stop aging. As the skin gets older it will continue to droop and sag and so some of the original symptoms resurface.

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