How does laser hair removal work?

The use of laser for hair removal relies on conversion of light into heat. When concentrated beams of light are directed at the hair follicle, the melanin (pigment) in the follicle absorbs it. Inside the follicle light energy converts into heat and causes damage rendering the hair follicle inactive. This is how future growth is prevented.

Why get laser hair removal?

There can be any number of reasons that lead to excessive hair growth on unwanted parts of a person’s body. It might be because of genetics or a hormonal imbalance. No matter what the cause is, fast regrowth can become quite a nuisance and demand never-ending grooming.

With laser hair removal, by damaging each hair at the root, the problem is nipped in the bud. It offers long term relief.

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No, there is no pain during the process. You might feel very mild discomfort but it will be almost negligible.

No, it won’t be damaged. The laser beams employed in this procedure are highly concentrated and meant to target only the hair follicles. The surrounding skin is left untouched.

Results, in most cases, become apparent after the first session. The final look and extent of hair removal you are hoping for might require a few more sittings, however. It completely depends on the amount of work you need done.

After each session, there might be mild redness on the skin. This, however, will go down within a few hours. There are no lasting side effects with laser hair removal.

Treatment at a Glance



Hospital Stay


Recovery Time

Few Hours





Follow Up

Varies per person

What kind of hair growth does it target?

With laser, any kind of hair growth can be targeted on the body. The most common problematic areas for which this treatment is often performed are:

Face (upper lip and chin)



Bikini line


Anywhere on your body where there is unwanted hair growth, it can be tackled with laser treatment.

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Treatment Cost

Cost varies per client as each person’s requirements are different and so is the nature and amount of work done.

Please visit our clinic or talk to a consultant on the phone to get a quote specific to your situation and requirements.

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    What kind of preparation does the procedure require?

    Since it is a simple procedure, the preparation is quite straightforward too.

    The standard procedure is to cut the hair a few millimeters to control the length.

    A numbing balm is also applied to ensure the client feels no pain.

    Equipment is adjusted for most efficient tackling of the hair being treated.

    You will also be advised to not wax or pluck the hair for a number of weeks before the treatment.

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