What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a type of exfoliation procedure that gets rid of damaged, blemished and dead skin revealing smoother looking and more even toned skin. It can be achieved through a vacuum suction, or an abrasive hand held device. The procedure is minimally invasive and has no lasting side effects.

What to expect during treatment

There are two ways to carry out this treatment:

An abrasive hand held device is used to exfoliate the upper damaged layer of skin.

Whichever one is used for your treatment, afterwards a moisturizer and sunscreen will be applied to your skin.

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Your skin will retain the results for about a month before they start to disappear. It is a procedure that should be added to monthly or bi-monthly skincare routine.

No, it does not hurt. You may feel some slight discomfort from the exfoliation but it cannot be described as pain.

The treatment cost greatly depends on amount of exfoliation required and the method being used. You are requested to visit us for an accurate quote.

Yes, it is beneficial for enlarged pores. It gets rid of dirt and oil that result in clogged pores and black heads so it is incredibly beneficial for the treatment of enlarged pores.

Treatment at a Glance

Session Time

1 Hour

Hospital Stay


Recovery Time

2 – 3 Days



Final Result

Up to 4 Days

Follow Up

Monthly or Bi-monthly

What to expect during recovery?

There is no recovery period with this treatment as such. At most the individual might experience some redness and tenderness. In some cases there is also swelling. Whichever one of these three side effects you face, they will disappear in a few days. There are no lasting side effects of this treatment. You will be asked to moisturize your skin and not expose it to direct UV rays.

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Treatment Cost

Treatment cost depends on the amount of work done and the method employed. You are requested to come in for a consultation to get an exact quote.

Our treatment cost starts at $100 but what you are charged may vary depending on your skin condition and the issue being treated.

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    What results should be expected?

    From this treatment you can expect the following results:

    Smoother skin

    Reduced pigmentation

    Reduced pores

    Reduced black and white heads

    Reduced blemishes and scars

    leaner looking skin

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