What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a non-surgical collagen boosting procedure to help with acne scarring and fine lines. It stimulates skin cell growth thus offering smooth texture and brighter complexion. It is, as the name suggests, a procedure carried out with the help of a handheld device with micro-needles that prick through the skin and encourage it to heal smoother.

What to expect during treatment?

The procedure consists of the following steps:

A numbing ointment is applied to the face and left for a few minutes.

A growth factor serum is applied to the face which is meant to absorb into the skin and encourage rejuvenation from within.

The handheld device is used to go over the entire face a couple of times. The microneedling encourages the serum to absorb more effectively into the skin and go deeper.

A soothing mask is applied to the face.

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Yes, results with this treatment are immediate. You will be able to notice a difference in your skin texture after the first treatment.

It depends on the issue you are looking to resolve through this treatment. If it is to get rid of acne scarring, we recommend you get 3 treatments for best results.

Your skin will have recovered completely within a week. For most people, however, it takes less time. The recovery period will not be so bad that you can’t carry on with your regular routine.

The numbing cream applied minimizes discomfort greatly. However, it is still possible that you will feel a tingling or pricking feeling during the treatment. This discomfort usually subsides within an hour of the treatment.

Treatment at a Glance

Surgical Time

1 Hour

Hospital Stay



1 Week



Final Result


Follow Up

3 Days

What to expect during recovery?

Recovery after this treatment is fairly simple and easy. You might experience some swelling and bruising. This will, however, go down within a week. You will be advised about keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated. You will also be asked to not expose it directly to sun rays and to use sunscreen. Other than that you do not need to make any adjustments to your daily routine.

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Treatment Cost

The cost of the procedure depends on how many treatments you are getting and how much work needs to be done.

It is not possible for us to give you an exact quote without a consultation. Please visit our establishment to discuss your case and get an accurate quote.

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    Expected Results

    After this treatment you will notice the following:

    Smoother skin

    Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

    Brighter complexion

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