Laser Treatment for Rosacea Sufferers

Laser treatments are frequently used to reduce redness of the skin, the appearance of blood vessels, and to eliminate and prevent thickening of skin. With this treatment most patients experience a 75% to a 100% reduction in Rosacea symptoms.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition in which the patient experiences redness of the skin and blotchiness that may appear to be acne. If Rosacea symptoms become more pronounced, they might cause make facial veins visible. This is a chronic condition but doctors are beginning to see the relieving qualities of laser for this ailment.

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Results are very long lasting. Usually clients get relief from Rosacea symptoms for up to 5 years with this treatment. Should any symptoms surface again, a touch up will be enough to fix them.

Yes, 100% reduction in Rosacea symptoms is common with this treatment. When you place yourself in the skilled hands of our professionals, it is likely that you will get complete relief from this ailment.

No, with laser treatment there are no lasting side effects. Right after the surgery you might experience some redness, but that will disappear within a week. After that you should be fine and the redness will be gone for good.

It varies for each individual case. If the symptoms are too strong and prominent, and cover a large portion of skin, it might take up to 3 or 4 sessions to completely get rid of them. In other cases, where symptoms aren’t too strong, 1 session alone can resolve them.

Treatment At A Glance


Laser Treatment

Hospital Stay


Recovery Time

1 Week





Follow Up

1 Week

Painless Treatment with No Side Effects

The treatment itself is painless. If you do feel some discomfort, you can discuss it with your doctor and some numbing medicine can be used to eliminate it. Furthermore, there are no side effects of this treatment either. You might experience a rash, redness, or minor swelling but all these reactions will settle within a week.

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Treatment Cost

Depending on how big an area is being treated and how prominent the symptoms are, the cost of this treatment varies.

You can get an exact estimate by paying us a visit or even by giving us a call and speaking with a consultant. Our cost per session starts at around $400.

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    What does aftercare look like?

    Aftercare for this laser treatment is not too complicated at all. You will be given clear instructions about the dos and don’ts during the recovery period. The most important measure you will be required to take after the treatment is to not expose your treated skin to direct sun rays. Other than this, any measures that are specific to your case will be shared with you by doctor.

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