How does it work?

Toenail fungus, a condition also known as Onychomycosis, can be treated with a laser procedure to get phenomenal results. The way this procedure works is by exposing the fungus to the laser which absorbs into it. Fungus thus absorbs the light energy which converts into heat once absorbed and renders the fungus inactive.

Advantages of getting this laser treatment

There are quite a few reasons why this is considered to be the most effective treatment for Onychomycosis. Some of them are:

No side effects

Excellent results

No pain

No recovery time

It is a simple procedure that has been known to offer great relief.

What does Facelift Surgery Involve?

A face lift involves the skillful removal of excess facial skin from the neck, chin and cheek areas under local or general anesthetic. Starting high in the temple area, the hair at the incision courses down following the curves in front of the ear round the earlobe and up behind the ear before curving gently back into the hair again.

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It is a fairly short procedure. It usually takes up to 15 minutes only.

In most cases complete elimination can be achieved in one sitting. However, if it is an advanced case a few sessions might be required to get the best results.

No, with this treatment there is no recovery period. You can even apply nail colour right after the treatment.

No, there is no need for medication after the treatment. However, you will be informed about preventive measures that you can take to make sure it doesn’t return.

Treatment at a Glance

Surgical Time

15 Minutes

Hospital Stay


Recovery Time




Final Result

6 - 12 Months

Follow Up

Not required

Why does it take so long to see results?

A treatment might be completed in one session, but getting a clear result takes time because you have to wait for the damaged nail to grow out. The fungus might be gone but the nail that has lost its colour or has become deformed in appearance will need to grow out. The treatment is considered successful if the new nail is clear and healthy.

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Treatment Cost

The price will vary depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Treatment plans are designed exclusively for each patient according to their condition.

Our price per session starts at $500. Please discuss your case with our consultant so we can provide you with an exact quote.

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    What are the chances of the fungus returning?

    Once active fungus has been eliminated, you have the same amount of chance anyone else has of getting this infection. You will be guided about preventive measures which, if followed properly, should keep you safe from such infections in the future.

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