Who is this procedure for?

Tummy Tuck Surgery is suitable for the following:

Women who want to tighten their abdominal muscles after pregnancy.

Men and women who are otherwise healthy but have some excess fat in the abdominal area.

Men and women who were obese before but have lost the weight now

What does Tummy Tuck achieve?

With a tummy tuck the abdominal area is tightened. This is done by getting rid of excess skin, fat, and tightening the connective tissue in the abdominal area.

Through this procedure, we are able to get rid of excess belly fat and skin, as well as any stretch marks a client may have. Tummy tuck usually also follows a liposuction surgery as that procedure gets rid of excess fat, but not the skin.

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If you are otherwise healthy and your weight is under control but there is some fat or sagging kind in the abdominal region that doesn’t seem to be responding to exercise, a tummy tuck will help you.

If you are planning on getting pregnant again in the future, tummy tuck can cause complications. Therefore, we do not advise you to get this procedure in such a situation.

Yes, you absolutely can. The only purpose of this procedure is to tighten the stomach area. A lot of times, even if people aren’t overweight they might have an issue with the tummy area. This procedure is perfect for them.

No, we suggest that you reach or get close to your ideal weight first (either through exercise or a procedure) and then get this surgery done. The reason behind this is that there is a chance, especially if you are looking to get rid of a considerable amount of weight, that it will lead to excess skin. Therefore, it is better to wait and get it done when you are happy with where your weight it.

Treatment at a Glance

Surgncal Time

1 – 5 Hours

Hospital Stay

1 Day

Recovery Time

4 – 6 Weeks



Final Result

Up to 2 Months

Follow Up

Next day, 1 week, 1 month.

What is recovery like?

Recovery is fairly simple however, we do advise our clients to take great care. The average recovery period includes:

Avoiding strenuous exercise

Following doctor instructions for sitting and lying positions

Wearing a supportive abdominal garment

Following doctor instructions for bandage and dressings care

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Treatment Cost

The final cost of your procedure will depend on how much work you are having done.

Our service starts as low as $8000. However, the cost that you are charged might vary. To get an exact quote please get in touch with us. You can visit our clinic or even just call us.

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    The Final Step towards a Fit and Healthy Life

    This procedure serves as the final step in the right direction for people who have struggled with body weight issues. After you lose the weight, a tummy tuck comes in as the cherry on top. The results are only as long lasting as you want them to be. If your excess weight was due to an unhealthy lifestyle, going back to that lifestyle will bring back the weight too.

    Therefore, treat it as the seal on your promise to actively improve your health and quality of life.

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