What is the Carbon Facial?

With the skincare industry growing faster than ever, there seem to be hundreds of ‘must have’ facial treatments around. If you are overwhelmed by the information overload, here is a guide for beginners that will help you take one step at a time towards your perfect skincare routine.


In this blog, we are discussing the basics of the Carbon Facial.


You might have heard this popular treatment being recommended from skincare and beauty bloggers, or beauty websites referencing celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie among those who swear by it.

The Treatment

The Carbon Facial is also called the Charcoal Facial, or Charcoal Peel. It is most popular for its deep cleansing of the pores.


These are the steps it follows:

⦁ Liquid carbon is applied to the skin.

⦁ This layer is left to dry and reach skin temperature for 15 to 20 minutes.

⦁ Carbon absorbs all impurities and buildup from the pores.

⦁ Laser is used to evaporate the applied carbon.

⦁ When the carbon evaporates, so do the impurities leaving the skin clean and the pores unclogged.

⦁ The laser also helps get rid of oil, blackheads, and dead skin.

The Results


As a result of this treatment, the skin is left feeling:


⦁ Plumper
⦁ Tighter
⦁ Cleaner
⦁ Smoother
Other than these obvious changes, the results that are achieved through this treatment include:
⦁ Reduced fine lines
⦁ Skin’s healing mechanism activated, resulting in new skin cells
⦁ Production of collagen and elastin activated, resulting in higher skin elasticity
⦁ Reduced acne scars, because of collagen boost
⦁ Improved skin texture


For some period of time, this process of regeneration of collagen and healing mechanism of the skin will go on improving. In a couple of months, when it begins to slow down you will need a second treatment.
Regular treatments will result in overall improvement of skin elasticity and radiance.


Who is the Carbon Facial for?


The carbon facial is for anyone suffering from ageing symptoms such as fine lines and wrinkles, scarring from acne, or open and enlarged pores.

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