The skincare industry is valued at $135 billion, taking up more than a third of the entire beauty industry’s market size and understandably so.


There is a fast growing trend now of fixing any skin issues as well as taking preventive and regular measures to ensure great skin health.


To this end, there exists a wide array of options. There are creams and masks that claim to rejuvenate the skin, or get rid of pigmentation, or shrink pores, or make fine lines disappear. Then there are peels, laser treatments and facials.

When there are so many options available and most of them claim to resolve the same issues, it becomes difficult to decide where to start and which course to take.


To make this decision easier for you, we are starting with one of the most popular facial treatments around these day, and one which is also offered at Laser Praxis; the HydraFacial.


What is the HydraFacial?


This facial treatment uses specialized technology patented by the HydraFacial Company.

This kit has been designed to achieve the following results:

⦁ Cleansing
⦁ Peeling off dead skin
⦁ Extraction of debris from pores
⦁ Hydration and moisturizing
⦁ Fusing skin with antioxidants and peptides


It is a step-wise medical graderesurfacing and cleansing process and the results with this treatment have been remarkable.
The HydraFacial kit, aside from the technological component, also consists of specialized super serums.


The whole process and the tools employed are all designed to achieve the above mentioned results. It is dedicated machinery, which is what adds to its merit and credibility.
Let’s now take a look at why this treatment is so frequently talked about.


Why is it popular?


It is estimated that one HydraFacial treatment is started every 15 seconds all over the world. So why is it getting so much attention from the skincare community worldwide? Here are some of the reasons:

There are little to no side effects of this treatment. There may be a little redness right after the treatment but it will quickly subside. It is normal to continue with the day as you usually would after this treatment.

The safety and lack of side effectsmakes regular sessions possible. Results improve with each session as your skin gets repeated health boosts.

The treatment suits people of all ages. It is suited for teenagers looking to fight acne as well as adults looking to get rid of dead skin or fine lines.

It is a high-tech and sophisticated facial treatment that offers consistent results. There is no hit and miss with this treatment. It is backed by evidence and has been designed on scientific principles of skin health.

It is customizable to each individual’s skin needs. The process takes into account the fact that there is no one size fits all when it comes to skincare. The results then are also based on what the skin was missing or what it needed thus offering satisfaction to the client.

It does not interfere with other skin procedures. It is a safe method and so some people get it done the same day they are getting injectables or other laser or skin treatments. It is, however, advised to consult your dermatologist before planning multiple treatments on the same day.

It has built a good rep because some.A-list celebrities have been reported swearing by this treatment. The likes of Beyonce, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Kate Winslet, and Amy Poehler have praised this treatment.


Is it the right treatment for you?
As stated earlier, this treatment has no side effects and is suited for people of all ages worried about skin issues.

If you are struggling with any of the following conditions HydraFacial can help you:


⦁ Wrinkles and fine lines
⦁ Uneven skin tone
⦁ Lack of elasticity
⦁ Brown spots
⦁ Congested and enlarged pores


Whether you are worried about your skin losing elasticity and getting fine lines and wrinkles or you’re struggling with pores and acne, HydraFacial can help you.
It can also help get rid of brown pots and hyperpigmentation.