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Everything You Need to Know about Hair Transplant

The number of people getting hair restoration procedures is increasing by the day. In fact, the numbers are said to have increased by 60% since 2014.   Male pattern baldness is a very common pain point among the men of this planet and its reach is universal.   While less frequent in some regions and [...]

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Hair Transplant Method

FUT(FOLLICULAR UNIT TRANSPLANTATION) HAIR TRANSPLANT METHOD GROWTH OF TRANSPLANTATION HAIR WITH TIME 3 Months 10% 4-5 Months 30% 6-7 Months 50% 8-9 Months 80% 10-12 Months 100% A PROCESS OF HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERY Duration: 4-5 Hours Strip Cutting Stitches Pain Usually Tolerable / Bearable Scars may be Seen Rest 24-48-72 Hours Next day Shampoo Next Day Office

Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation

Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation FOLLICULAR UNIT HAIR TRANSPLANTATION FOR MEN AND WOMEN What is Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation? This is an exclusive, state of the art technology, in which hair transplantation takes place in the most natural manner, to give maximum density of hair from the area available. How do we make it happen? We get [...]

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