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Non-surgical Facelift: What to expect

Whenever one hears about a facelift, the image that accompanies it is that of a stitched-up face and a gruesome surgery.   What if we told you there is another way? You can get a facelift and also not have to bear the rather intimidating surgery; with a 4D Laser Facelift! Where the face is [...]

Lip Fillers: Everything a First Timer Needs to Know

Do you think you are ready to get lip fillers but there are just too many horror stories around? Let this piece serve as your guide.   At Laser Praxis we perform a wide range of cosmetic procedures ranging from full body contouring and liposuction surgeries to temporary fillers and facial treatments.   Interest in [...]

Top 20 Benefits of Regular Exercise

EXERCISE BENEFITS: TOP 20 HEALTH BENEFITS OF EXERCISE Reduces body fat Increases lifespan Oxygenates body Strengthens muscles Manages chronic pain Wards off viruses Reduces diabetes risk Strengthens heart Clears arteries Boosts mood Maintains mobility Improves memory Improves coordination Strengthens bones Improves complexion Detoxifies body Decreases stress Boosts immune system Lower blood pressure Reduces cancer risk

Body Contouring Surgery in Lahore

These are procedures to reshape the body figure and restore the self-confidence. Liposuction Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction ca offer both men and women great improvement in body shape. With ultrasonic liposuction, we can remove more fat in one session as compared to the traditional technique Also Read: Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Lahore Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) in this procedure, the [...]

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